Life without Objects

Superstudio was an architecture group founded in Italy (1966-1978) by Natalini, Torrelado di Francia, Alessandro, Roberto Magris and Piero Frassinelli. Coming out of post-war Italy the group rejected the revivalist reconstruction of their cities. New buildings emerged with poor construction and unjust social divisions. Superstudio critiqued this environment by "highjacking the language of architecture" through photo-montage, collage, drawings, and videos. Most of their designs were never built as they were impossible and more effective as satirical and playful solutions to the consumerism of design.

Here Supersudio's reflective architecture proposes a reversal of the consumerist action of tourism by encasing the Golden Gate bridge in a mirrored cube.

"Continuous Monument" is a photo-collage series in which a gridded superstructure extends across the surface of the world.

The group designed a collection of archetypal furniture in white laminate printed with a continuous grid. The intent of the black on white grid was to create a neutral surface allowing these everyday objects to take background to our lives.


  1. Snuck a few clips from the hard-to-find Superstudio: Ceremony Super Surface (from the Fundamental Acts Series):



  2. Bree, this is great! I would have loved to see that show!