Wittgenstein haus

Between 1926 and 1928 the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein designed and built a house in Vienna for his sister. Notable for its clarity, precision, and austerity the building not only crystallized his philosophy of architecture, but served as a foil for his written work.

"There is a strong link between what Wittgenstein learned by building a house and the turn that his philosophy subsequently took, away from rigorous logic and toward a playful engagement with common speech, paradox and parable." Hugh Eakin

"Life Class: Today's Nude continues Alan Kane's often irreverent attempts at popularizing the production and dissemination of art and culture by taking the life class model out of the privacy of the studio and into the nation's living rooms on daytime TV. John Berger, Judy Purbeck, Maggi Hambling, Gary Hume, and Humphrey Ocean tutor classes with a diversity of models in studio settings ranging from the Royal Academy of Art's Life Drawing room to a dance studio and a public library. Broadcast on Channel 4 as a series of five half-hour classes, the viewing audience is invited to observe and draw a nude figure guided by one of the artist-tutors. Please upload your drawings to flickr.com/groups/lifeclass and a selection will be shown on artangel.org.uk."

Channel 4


Generic brand soda cans


Prisoner's Inventions
Angelo and Temporary Services

This project is a collaboration between Chicago based collective Temporary Services and an incarcerated artist named Angelo. The two-year collaboration included illustrations by Angelo of prison inventions and detailed illustrations of his cell. Temporary Services re-created the inventions and his living space, and published a book of his drawings through Half Letter Press.

more here :
Prisoner's Inventions



true names and screensaver 2 (curtains) 2009


Katsuji Wakisaka 1977

Katsuji Wakisaka 1977

Pentti Rinta 1977

Absolutely perfect fabric installations by Marimekko.


Floral Missing Pixels 2009
Yardage I printed at The Fabric Workshop and Museum


Heimo Zobernig

Untitled (Bench)
Another favorite of mine (and Aylor's). More information about Heimo Zobernig here and here.

Robert Venturi

Queen Anne Chair, 1985
One of my favorite objects in the Art Institute.


Stuck Denis Ozuygur 2009


The Trenton Makes Bridge passes over the Delaware River connecting Trenton, New Jersey and Morrisville, Pennsylvania.

"in his shirt"

Found this tri-collar shirt by Daydream Nation in Philly. It's called the "in his shirt" top.


shaker clothes hangers

"We have a right to improve the inventions of man, so far as is useful and necessary, but not to vainglory or anything superfluous." Joseph Meacham


SEPTA's real honest motto