Sangho Choi

King and Queen, Babe, and Curtains
Sangho Choi
from the group show Maybes up now at LVL3 in Chicago


Nudeness from Rosenmunns spring '10 collection. Available at Light Vision Store.


been working on my gift wrapping skills

The Art of Loving by Erich Fromm for Myranda. (wrapped in her own design)

Jewish Rosary for Mom.

A calendar for Megan. (Megan loves all things smiley)

And previously posted, a calendar for Aylor wrapped Carson style.



Seriously Heavy (i hurt myself hurting you), two dance pieces by Sonya Robbins and Layla Childs.


The exhibition, curated by Charlotte Cotton and Jon Feinstein, includes photographs by Erica Allen, Amelia Bauer, Claire Beckett, Gilda Davidian, Jessica Eaton, Carson Fisk-Vittori, Naomi Harris, Carmen von Kende, Anna Krachey, Yvonne Lacet, Erika Larsen, Jessica Mallios, Alison Malone, S. Billie Mandle, Paula McCartney, Rachelle Mozman, Yamini Nayar, Sarah Palmer, Kristine Potter, Heather Rasmussen, Justine Reyes, Lisa Robinson, Irina Rozovsky, Sasha Rudensky, Victoria Sambunaris, Robin Schwartz, Emily Shur, Brea Souders, Rachel Sussman, Kirsten Kay Thoen, and Ann Woo.

For more information visit Humble Arts Foundation


“Rest Energy”, 1980 by Abramovic / Ulay
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some nice graffiti near Chicago Ave. & Damen Ave. in Chicago


Wolfgang Breuer
Plant suggestion, 2003 - 06, spray paint on soil
Outside in front of Tower Hamlets Council Office, 255 - 279 Cambridge Heath Road
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How To Explain It To My Parents, 09'

A documentary series by Lernert & Sander in which 9 abstract artists explain to their parents what their work is all about.

Participating artists: Arno Coenen, Harm van den Dorpel, Martijn Hendriks, Lars Holdrus, Bart Julius Peters, Joanneke Meesters, Levi van Veluw, Martin de Waal & Justin Wijers
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SSS by Henry Hills, 1988

Baustelle by Thomas Fichter


The Banana Guard brought to you by three Canadian medical doctors.

In this 2006 interview, the companies managing director David Agulinik describes his eureka moment when he was confronted with a bruised banana, as well as his experiences of living a dual life of both doctor and entrepreneur, the importance of collaboration, and where the company stands on ethics.

Tokyo Plants

Biodiversity units from 5BaiMidori