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By natzz.


Cloud, Elspeth Diederix


The Internet Gives the Possibility of Being Alone with Other People, Aug 2008
11 pages, full color
11 X 17 inches

A simple collection of my summer internet-community activity formatted as a calendar and bound with butterfly screws for the possibility of supplementation.

"Permanent Vacation is a Clan. A clan to feel safe, warm and comforted by. Our clan has, just like the Irish clans of the Aran Islands; its own jumper. It is knitted by hand in Ireland by the same skilled knitters that make the Aran sweaters. The unique pattern of the PV Clan Sweater is designed in collaboration with the Irish craftswomen. The PV pattern stands for beauty, friendship and comfort. Our jumper is long and big. It is cool when needed and warm when its wearer needs warmth."

Permanent Vacation
Clan Aran Sweaters


Beautifully arranged photographs by Maurice Scheltens from her editorial work. I also love the play on commercial photography in her personal work.


"Lost Things Beneath Sofa"
Jesper Ulevelius

These are my two favorite photos right now. I can't remember where I found them.

Renaissance Society never fails, does it?


SOFIA HULT√ČNPoints in a Room Condensing Objects of increasing size are placed inside one another, beginning with a ball bearing (2 x 2 x 2mm) and ending with a cupboard (120 x 110 x 50 cm) which then contains all the objects.

Mutual Annihilation
An old and battered chest of drawers is restored to its presumed original state. Paint is removed, broken parts are repaired, the chest is polished and handles are added. The process is then reversed, actions are performed which could have caused the found state. The chest is painted, then treated with various tools, paint is splashed on, it is scraped and hammered, until it as closely resembles the found old state as possible. The process of restoration and aging is recorded on video, and presented with the object.

San Francisco based Artist Michael Guidetti.

Beautiful simple compositions.

P.S. Michael was my T/A for a freshmen level class I took at CCA.


Beautiful arrangements from Marianne Viero's series "He A Plant"

Nicolay Saveliev designed these record covers for a series called "Pop Matters"
Viral-Promotional Record Sleeves, 2007