My landlord's solution to a broken baluster

Nicholas Gottland of Gottland Verlag, a Pennsylvania-based publishing house, will be showcasing new work at Golden Age this weekend.

Opening Reception:
6:00 PM Saturday, August 29th
Golden Age
1744 W 18th Street

Chicago, IL 60608


Susan Kare

Pretty much if you've used a computer, you know computer design hero Susan Kare's work. As a member of the original Mac team, she designed all of the classic Mac icons and typefaces. She has also done work for Microsoft (including the original Solitaire game for Windows 3.0), and designed icons for IBM OS/2. Since 2007 she's been designing all of Facebook's virtual gifts; I made a piece last year called "I Got You Something" that's partly addressed to her.


Benjamin Franklin's daily schedule


Nathalie Du Pasquier




b. 1957, France
Nathalie Du Pasquier has lived in Milan, Italy since 1979 working as a designer and founding member of Memphis for which she designed textiles, carpets, furniture and objects until 1987, after which painting became her main activity.


Celeste Fichter

Still from Sign Language. Watch her videos here


Rhett La Rue

Many people are documenting their food lately, with cell phones, digital cameras, tweets etc. Rhett La Rue's food diary is different, he considers the viewer as he sets up backgrounds for each photographed meal and arranges the food seamlessley on many types of plates using an array of home prepared foods, store bought products, and commonplace settings.
See more from his food diary.

Amanda Ross Ho

Restraining Order, 2005
Artificial plastic balloons, studio detritus, hot glue, sawhorses.

Sieve, 2009
Canvas, gold hoop earrings, thread, crocheted doily, single earring, monogram pins, vintage iron-on, wooden thumbtack, goldplated pendant, rhinestone earring, ceramic pinch pots, aluminium thumbtacks, latex, acrylic and xerox transfer on cut canvas dropcloth

Amanda Ross Ho at Cherry and Martin


This Saturday

Sopping Granite The First Letter of Every Word is You
Opening Saturday August 8, 6-10 pm

Scott Projects
1542 N Milwaukee #3
Chicago IL 60622


Gluing, regluing, 2009

The New Easy at Artnews Projects Gallery in Berlin curated by Lars Eijssen

Anne de Vries, Mark Bain, Sergey Golnikov, Harm van den Dorpel

Rafael Rozendaal, No Disc, installation, 2008

The New Easy is mainly an apolitical trend, with an optimistic, pragmatic approach toward the creation of today's art. But the most celebrated mark is the apparent ease of both the brilliance of the initial idea and the reputedly simple and fast production method. A New Easy work looks like it was invented in 1 and created in 3 seconds, proving the artist's geniality. It is the kind of art that makes the blog kids cheer. (Lars Eijssen)

The exhibit includes work by Skafte Aymo-Boot, Mark Bain, Daniel Bejar, Petra Cortright, Brock Davis, Edith Dekyndt, Mikolaj Dlugosz, Harm van den Dorpel, Constant Dullaart, Sergey Golnikov, Jeffrey Heart, Oliver Laric, Pop Levi, Vadik Marmeladov, Philipp Otto, Rafael Rozendaal, Anne de Vries and Robert Wodzinski.



Jonatan Lennman