I hate to throw away even the smallest fabric scraps. One solution is to make mini crystal bags and send them in the mail. I'm looking for more industrious solutions.


During the summer of '07 I returned to my home state Alaska to work on the F/V Atlantico. I spent a summer ferrying salmon from smaller boats to the canary. For reasons that are too personal to post here it was a strange coincidence that we kept returning to Alitak fishery out of all the seafood processing plants around Kodiak Island and Prince William Sound. It's possible that Alitak had an air of familiarity because it reminded me of my other home - sunny California!

I scoured the internet for an image of this tennis court that only existed in my memory. Finally I found it here. This Robert Indiana Love court can be found irl in the Presidio of San Francisco.

Then I found it on google maps - so it must exist!


Casual Object Garden and Other Material Matters
Carson Fisk-Vittori and Michael Hunter

Photos by Frank Labatte Photography

We will have a closing reception today, Saturday April 12 from 1-7
Join us for snacks and arrangement activities.

Roots and Culture
1034 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago IL 60622


post art school, keeping it alive

minimizing myself by Arend

oh wait, arend is still in school. i miss u guys!

saved by Droog

Folding chair by Marian Bantje, hand-tattooed by local Italian nail artists. tighght!

Saved by Droog is a project by the Dutch design group to reclaim abandoned objects giving them a new form and a second life.

More products saved by Droog here. via NYTimes magazine


ACRE and Harold Arts

Harold Arts in Ohio

ACRE in Wisconsin

Two beautiful midwest art residencies that I hope to attend sometime.


Pierre Cardin

Some furniture designs by iconic French fashion designer Pierre Cardin. In a New York Times interview he states that he was never able to sell his furniture because of the high cost of production. "I would buy the tree and cut the wood and I made the drawings from beginning to end, all made in my house."

I also liked, "Fashion is everything, if you stop the fashion you stop the cities, there are no more cities."

more furniture found here


Hand painted pint glass by Chicago based artist Paul Cowan for his exhibition Alla Prima now up at Golden Age. Edition of 7, each unique.


Yvonne Rainer on modern dance