Oggetto Soggetto

Barriobajero presents: Oggetto Soggetto, a curatorial project of photographs in the format of an online auction with submissions by:

Carlos Arroyo Galaxia
Andreas Banderas
Coke Bartrina
Marvin De Deus
Carson Fisk-Vittori
Pete Florentini
Rachel de Joode
Daniel Keller
Nat M. Waterman
Katja Novitskova
Pedro Paper
Clara Peñalver
Alfredo Rodríguez

Barriobajero is a project by Silvia Bianchi and Ricardo Juárez, based in Madrid.


Chicago! I have some work in this fiber show alongside some old textile buddies, Micah Schippa and Young Cho. more here



Portland's Nudity in Groups issue #3 is out! and it's featuring some very important people including two of my favorite women Mimi Dutra and Ashby Lee Collinson.


Coral Castle

Moon Fountain

Florida Table

The Coral Castle was built by Latvian immigrant Edward Leedskalnin in Homestead, Florida. Leedskalnin claimed to had known "the secrets of the pyramids" and was therefore able to lift several tons of limestone made from coral using some form of magnetic propulsion. He built the castle as a monument to his lost love, his 16-year-old fiancee Agnes Scuffs in Latvia who left him just days before the wedding. He worked in secret and devoted his life to the project from 1920 to his death in 1951.


portable arc

Portable Arc is a performance and apparel collection brought forth through the collaborative efforts of JF & SON's Travis Boyer and dance duo Robbinschilds. "Layla Childs, Sonya Robbins and Travis Boyer designed the collection as a conversation about performative clothing, with specific reference to the collaboration between Martha Graham and Isamu Noguchi, Appalachian Spring, of 1944."
more here

May 20, at 7pm
56 University Place, NYC

excited for this!


Architect Adolf Loos' fur bedroom for his wife Lina.

via The Split Wall: Domestic Voyeurism by Beatriz Colomina from her book Sexuality and Space



More of Hank Schmidt in der Beek's paintings can be found here.

via post family


Caleb J. Lyons
The Artist Is The Model: Do It Yourself, Still Life, Amateur Hour, Idiot Box, 2010
Digital video
1 hour

In this video the artist poses nude for one hour as if modeling for a painting.



comparative list

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reminds me of this

the duck

"The Long Island Duckling" from God's Own Junkyard

Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown coined the terms "Duck" and "Decorated Shed" as two ways of explaining the use of symbolism in architecture. The Duck refers to the building as symbol and the Decorated Shed a box with applied symbols. In their own work they favored the Decorated Shed as a model.

"When Modern Architects righteously abandon ornament on buildings, they unconsciously designed buildings that were ornament. In promoting Space and Articulation over symbolism and ornament, they distorted the whole building into a duck." - Learning From Las Vegas

Robert and Denise visiting the LOTUS

found some more "Ducks"


A rod stewart little richard prince charles manson family

Opening Reception:
Saturday, May 7, 2011
6:00pm – 10:00pm