Michelangelo Pisteletto, Lunch Painting, 1965 


cool pix

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sandwich in a bottle

I think this one is salami and cheese..

and maybe the other half.

Some nuts and a lemon.

A blue bottle baguette .

Bottles by Ryan Foerster found at Erik Lindman's table at the NY Art Book Fair.


this friday

Travis Meinolf
"Patterns of Behavior"
November 12th-December 8th 2010

Opening Reception
Friday, November 12, 7-10

Brooklyn Artist Alliance

37 Greenpoint Ave 4th FL
Brooklyn, NY 11222


From Handicraft by Thomas Mailaender




Warp Weft Woof 2011 Calendar has arrived just in time for the book fair. Look for Golden Age this weekend at the NY Art Book Fair to get your copy. ***Cal will be available online soon.

On another note, Jessica Williams took some super rad photos of our products. And we started a flickr for the occasion.


Handmade Home

On Saturday, Nov 6th at noon in The Classroom join Golden Age for A Cultural Reader, a series of micro-lectures from Maxwell G. Graham, Javelin, Hanne Mugaas, William Pym, Tim Ridlen, and Bailey Salisbury. In conjunction with the event, GA will be publishing a fanzine containing images, footnotes and anything else that didn't make it into those seven minutes.

I will be reading a short story while presenting original super 8 footage of the building of a 1970's log house.

Saturday, November 6, 12:00pm

NY Art Book Fair
22-25 Jackson Ave at the intersection of 46th Ave
Long Island City, NY 11101