My good friend/ co- worker left for Kenya a few months ago and agreed to bring me back a kanga -- an East African textile I've been obsessed with for awhile. I asked for "something blue and real normal." This is the one she brought back to Philly - it is full of printing mistakes and says in Swahili: "I am a bright light and I don't want any conflict." It references a proverb in which the kanga wearer is confronting others who seem to talk behind her back regarding her life style. She is telling them she is not prepared to yield on their pressure and she'll just continue to live according to her means no matter what they say.



"The first Japanese Noodle Western"

Juzo Itami's "Tampopo", 1985
must see movie about food, love and sex


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Martine Syms is one smart lady. Write down the info above and put it some place in full view.

Edith Head's solution to the lack of luxury textiles available during WWII. Hand painted safety pin blouse with real safety pins as a substitute for buttons.


real normal install

hand crank drill

iphone level app


Note from a brief peek into a friend's copy of Nicolas Bourriaud's "Relational Aesthetics" (1998)


One of my first hand weavings, 2005?
Every flaw, broken thread, mistake was tied with an orange knot.

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Soviet textile from Interkosmos, a film by Jim Finn that's currently on view at the ICA. Finn referenced one of my favorite books, Soviet Costume and Textiles.

PS: SAIC's Shane Gabier was the costume designer


another favorite (of the same house)

Bison Kintsugi by Lotte Dekker, also in alliance with Repair Manifesto Platform21. Kintsugi is the Japanese art of fixing broken pottery, in which porcelain is mended with gold leaf. Dekker uses a mixture of bison glue and gold powder as a modern alternative to gold.

fave house at pioneers of change

Wool Filler (Wolplamuur) by Heleen Klopper, inspired by Repair Manifesto Platform21. Klopper uses painfully simple needle felting techniques to mend clothing and household textiles.



4 Days of Contemporary Amsterdam Counterculture in Manhattan
opening Friday, September 11th 7-10pm

Chelsea Market
75 9th Avenue (Between 15th and 16th Streets)

Photo Weekend

Craig Doty's poster hanging on my wall for his show opening this Friday September 11th at Roots and Culture

Women - New Work By Craig Doty
Opening Sept. 11th 6-9pm
Through Oct. 31st
1034 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60622

Also Excited for Melanie Schiff at Kavi Gupta Gallery this Friday and Jessica Labatte at Scott Projects on Saturday.



Posi messages on the back of Homegirls potato chips, a product from Philly-based company Its A Winner.


next week in new york..

Pioneers of Change: a Dutch design festival held on Governors Island, New York.
September 11-13/September 18-20

"Pioneers of Change celebrates the blurring of low and high brow, questioning the difference between the ‘design world’ and the ‘normal world’. Non-professionals and ‘unqualified’ locals play an intricate role in realizing creative projects."

Various projects will take place in former officers' houses on the island. There will also be a pop up shop in which all items are priced under $100! Find the schedule of events here.

Aylor and I will be attending the weekend of September 11th.


salt crystal salt servers & egg

Caillou (translates stone)


Nid (translates Nest)

by Best Before

cool plaids

I've been slightly obsessed with this gradient plaid by WESC for a while now.

Ran into my friend Sean in SF and he was wearing this awesome gray plaid shirt.
It's simple enough yet throws you off with the weird highlighter stripes.


Wallpaper, 2009