Material World

Peter Menzel's "Material World: A Global Family Portrait" is a survey of typical families around the world. Pictured above are 6 statistically average families from Russia, Mali, China, India, Japan and the US, with all of their belongings arranged outside their homes.

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A dear friend on the west coast sent this beautiful video to me. The video footage alone is so good.


rejecting green

FB: Would you label what you're working on "green" architecture?
WV: I don't like the word. As a matter of fact, I call it "red architecture," but then people immediately think of communism. But nature is actually red, it's rejecting green. The only reason you see green is because every other color in nature is being accepted, and green is the one that is being rejected. So the color of nature is in the flowers, that's what nature looks like: it's red.

William Katavolos via PIN-UP Magazine

Pia's Plaids

hunter green plaid, c print colorgram, 2009

grey plaid, c print colorgram, 2009

blue plaid, c print colorgram, 2009

plaid, c print colorgram, 2008

Plaid Collection by Pia Howell of Colorgram. Pia creates her images in the darkroom in some sort of light exposing alchemy. This results in a very printerly, textural image in which the quality of the hand really comes through. To see these prints in real life is a completely different experience.

(p.s. colorgram + www collabo in the works)



Not so normal "Flower Holders" made in 1800/50, From the English Staffordshire Pottery Collection at the AIC


Food Preservation by Jihyun Ryou

Jihyun Ryou, Design Academy Eindhoven graduate, did his Master Thesis about food preservation. By accumulating traditional oral knowledge, he looked at a feasible way to bring the knowledge into everyday life.

Save food from the refrigerator
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www's macrocosmic patterns meet microcosmic nail art

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