The Milkmaid by Studio OOOMS. Inspired by Johannes Vermeer’s innocent painting “Het Melkmeisje.”


Discipline of DE, Gus Van Sant, 1982
Based on the writing of William S. Burroughs

"DE is a way of doing. It is a way of doing everything you do. DE simply means doing whatever you do in the easiest most relaxed way you can manage which is also the quickest and most efficient way, as you will find as you advance in DE."
-William S. Burroughs


Untitled (He That His Finest Moment), 205
Enamel on canvas over panel
24" x 24"

Mark Booth (my writing teacher)

I like this quote from David Wise:
"Last Saturday in the MCA’s 12×12 exhibition room, a boy began to prance around, chanting the phrase “Hibiscus and gravy! Hibiscus and gravy!” The boy’s annoyed mother led him out of the room. Surely there is something rather wonderful about an artist who can provoke a scene like this. Mark Booth’s text paintings and drawings seem slight and ephemeral, and they are, in a sense, recordings of fleeting thoughts that most people do not stop to record or even verbalize, unless they are children."


Russel Wright
Wood and Cowhide chair 1939
Easier Living furniture 1950

(U.S. Industrial designer, Quaker, and according to Wikipedia "first to be identified with lifestyle-marketed products, paving the way for personality-driven lifestyle empires such as Martha Stewart, Ralph Lauren, and others.")


Straight up designed by Leif Jørgensen for Hay
Oversized T-pin coat stand.

Gold Bracelet, Inflatable 2003 Kim Buck


Charles & Ray Eames, Mold for La Chaise with shadow patterns, 1948


Anthony Dunne // Dunne & Raby from Innovationsforum on Vimeo.

Freddy Birdy
Chain painting , 2008
Oil on Canvas
84″ x 60″

Freddy Birdy and Naved Akhtar are the co-founders of Shop, a New Delhi based advertisement company.

Via Brown Town


Very Small Whiskey Flask at Project No. 8

On Kawara's series of telegrams sent to friends with the message "I am still alive." Thinking about the parallels between Kawara's life project of archiving his everyday existence with the possibilities of web 2.0.

Passage de la Couleur (1979-2007) in "Art Unlimited"
Daniel Buren


Rebecca Shore

Paintings by Rebecca Shore (N.B. my painting teacher for about four weeks) from her show at Corbett vs Dempsey right now. If you have the chance, see these in real life. They're incredibly sensitive and funny.


Oh my God, she actually looked happy!


East Coast? West Coast? anywhere but here please

In the City (Contact High) by San Francisco's Nodzzz (2008, What's Your Rupture.)
Their LP is available here.

Tidal Wave by NYC's former Soiled Mattress and the Springs off their EP Springtime! (2006, Teardrop Records.) Members have now started the project Silk Flowers.


T-Shirt 2, 2009
Michael Hunter


excited for: After Last Season
also excited for: warm weather/cold theater

"Pinups is a triannual publication that features one to two nude male models. There are no words—just an exaggeration of the classic centerfold. The magazine exists in book form but can be taken apart and tiled to reveal a life-size image."

Pinups via Brad Duncan


Ruth Claxton

Postcard 2004 (Detail)

Postcard 2005 (Detail)

Postcard 2005 (Detail)

"Taking postcards of historical paintings, Claxton explores the complex nature of ‘the Gaze’ by manipulating the top layer of the card and slicing into its surface to create entirely new artworks which, with their intricate patterns, simultaneously entice and frustrate the viewer. Claxton’s postcards hover in an ambiguous territory between two dimensions and three, the auspicious survivors of a process plagued by inherent failure – one quick slice of the scalpel blade can instantly 'finish' an individual work - in either the best or worst possible sense of the word." - Ingleby Gallery


Riiko Sakkinen

Chili con Carne, (First World is Lovely), 2008

The image is from canned Maxi Mexicana Chili con Carne, Nestlé's Tex-Mex style processed food sold in Spain.
Chili con carne is a spicy stew-like dish. It is the official dish of Texas.
First World refers to countries that are capitalist, which are technologically advanced, and whose citizens have a high standard of living.
Receta colonialista (Spanish) = colonialist recipe.

Toca culo y teta por 5 euros, 2006
Toca culo y teta por 5 euros (Spanish) = Touch boob and ass for 5 euros. The text is from a Spanish newspaper prostitution advertisement. The telephone number is genuine.

(all text from http://riikosakkinen.com)