Riiko Sakkinen

Chili con Carne, (First World is Lovely), 2008

The image is from canned Maxi Mexicana Chili con Carne, Nestlé's Tex-Mex style processed food sold in Spain.
Chili con carne is a spicy stew-like dish. It is the official dish of Texas.
First World refers to countries that are capitalist, which are technologically advanced, and whose citizens have a high standard of living.
Receta colonialista (Spanish) = colonialist recipe.

Toca culo y teta por 5 euros, 2006
Toca culo y teta por 5 euros (Spanish) = Touch boob and ass for 5 euros. The text is from a Spanish newspaper prostitution advertisement. The telephone number is genuine.

(all text from http://riikosakkinen.com)