Jim Nutt

Summer Salt, 1970

Sally Slips Bye-Bye, 1972


"Items He Didn't Win"
16 pages, half letter size, staple bound
harsh black and white photocopy on peach paper
Jessica Williams + Reference Library

RN at Modern Wing part 2

Graphic Thought Facility
2003 Marketing Campaign for Shakepeare's Globe Theater

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Gaylen Gerber

Gaylen Gerber's "Backdrop" pieces are designed to have works by other artists hung on top of them. This one, a sheet of pleated photo studio paper, is currently in the Art Institute of Chicago's new Modern Wing.


Real Normal group show

May 23rd @ Scott Projects
Scott Projects
1542 N. Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL
6-10 pm

New works by Arend deGruyter-Helfer, Aylor Brown, Bailey Salisbury, and Carson Fisk-Vittori.

Come see what we've been working on offline.


"Enter the mind of the post-adolescent male: drawings of creeps, animals, and other precarious situations bound in a used pizza box."

Mikie Poland via Golden Age


Rio Grande t-shirt from Gottlund Verlag
"The design is based on a New Mexican Rio Grande style blanket pattern. It is printed so that over time and repeated washings the black will fade to show more and more of the blue underneath."


Half a pound of plastic found in Laysan albatross, Hawaii 2007
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From Gestures: An Exhibition of Small Site-Specific Works at Pittsburgh's Mattress Factory

Citra Sipper at Kiosk


Man with 4 children Gustav Vigeland
Vigeland Park Oslo, Norway

Aspen Mays

Map of the World (after Buckminster Fuller), 2008



Tiny Texas Houses

Tiny Texas Houses
One of a kind pre-fab housing made from mostly salvaged materials