Dutch designer Jetske de Groot takes two broken chairs and and makes them into one creating a whole new design and aesthetic.


these are a few experiments ive done working with waterproofing and stains
and below are some nice experiments with fruit skins by red red day


Relational Aesthetics

I know we're all supposed to be writing papers, etc right now and shouldn't be online but here are three quick, nice distractions in lieu of spring finally hitting Chicago:

Carsten Holler
Unfinished homepage address on Certificate. On the certificate the following text is written:
Jens Haaning
To see the internet only as a extension of the possibility of communication is an extreme oversimplification, seen from an Existential point of view the internet gives the possibility to be alone with other people, 1999


A computer glitch that occurred while writing a paper on White Noise


my favorite piece from the SAIC 2008 Spring Undergraduate Exhibition

by Colette Tam


From Nothing:

Matthew Crawley, Film of me hiding in the bushes (still)

"Everything is possible except that which is deemed impossible by the nature of things."
California Civil Code

"Something which exists and of which I am aware, but cannot know if anyone else is aware of it, or even can be aware of it."
Robert Barry


Yves Klein, Leap into the Void


Resume/Executive (reams of paper, paper color options available at Kinkos)
poplar wood, acrylic
4- 8.5" x 11" x 2.2"

Daydream: Your eyelashes brushing against my cheek (studio window)
aluminum, enamel
dimensions of my studio window

I like the contemporary minimalist works of Stephanie Brooks. Some of the pieces are so plain, they depend completely on the title. I like when the title subtly introduces emotion into the piece, or hints at the oddness of contemporary society.