✌ GA

To our favorite space, Golden Age, who closed their doors today,

We are all very sad but know this will only open doors to many exciting endeavors and adventures. Thank you Golden Age, we love you and wish you the best!

Jasmine Lee shares her insights on the five years of Golden Age, how they helped to shape the art community in Chicago and elsewhere: SFAQ: Goodbye Golden Age.


television for the people

Our friends Martine Syms and David Elliott are working on a documentary about TV culture in America. Americans watch an average of 5 hours of television, it is not only a way to reflect on our lives but has become a common topic of conversation and a way to relate to the populace. I'm very curious to see what this real normal investigation will reveal.

If you would like to see this project fully realized visit American Ritual to show your support by contributing to their fundraiser and spreading the word.


accessories for the people

Introducing Absolute Classic Masterpieces - a collection of leisure accessories available online and JF & Son.


cigarettes for the people

demonstrating how the machine works

Aylor makes a cigarette

the scene

Last week Aylor and Jessica came out out for a visit and we stopped by the newly established Island Smokes in the lower east side to get a $3 pack of cigarettes. Through some kind of legal loophole the shop is able to sell cigarettes at a deep discount. The catch or rather the funnest part is you have to make them yourself. We walked in and the woman working asked us what type of cigarettes we smoke.. um American Spirits. She handed us each a cigarette to sample, an exclusive shop blend. Explaining to us that our beloved natural American Spirits use carpet glue in their papers to slow down the burn. Alternately, Island Smokes offers just paper and tobacco - that's it - no bad stuff. The woman than demonstrated how to use the machine and Aylor and Jessica rolled their 20 cigs as I ecstatically snapped photos and sampled their smokes.



From Sarah Faux's Japan journal.