Adolfo Natalini

The Netherlands 1997-2001

The Netherlands 1996-2002

The Netherlands 1995-2000

The members of Superstudio (previous post) eventually parted ways and notably one of their founding members Adolfo Natalini went on to design and execute actual buildings. This was a major departure from his radical past with the group which emphasized the power of communication and ideas over practice. His later work has been critiqued for abandoning these early revolutionary ideals to practice a self-described 'anti-modern' aesthetic. To me this seems a natural evolution from a youthful protest to responsible action.

"Today, architecture has been homogenized by a cynical and useless experimentalism: the only possible reaction is a return to order or, better, tradition (the consolidated patrimony of successful experiments). I wish to counter the utopia of globalization with harsh local realities and a great longing for beauty." - Adolfo Natalini

I showed Natalini's work to my architect grandfather and devoted follower of modernism. His response, "that's not anti-modern, it's advanced Nazi." Ha. I can see the validity in his comparison, somehow both parties interest in order and tradition has met somewhere in-between their polar philosophical extremes.

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