I recently visited The Light Center, a dome shaped meditation center on Black Mountain. I led my friend Myranda there, all I said was that we were going to a magical spot out in nature. Myranda and I fell asleep in the dome to be awoken by some nice people from New York City. Then we walked the labyrinth. After our visit I spoke with a woman who told me that individuals are called to this spot. Many take the pilgrimage and then somehow don't see the sign? It was pretty clear to me but I'll take her word.

A similar event occurred last June when my friend Megan came to Chicago. After visiting Devon Street for snacks and sights and the best optical shop ever we decided to go to the lake. I knew if I drove east we would eventually get there. Not knowing exactly where I was we found ourselves at the Bahai Temple. I knew about the temple but this visit was completely unintentional. We explored around and found ourselves a hidden chamber. It's possible it wasn't hidden or a secret but it was dark and clearly off limits which is what made it good.

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