Bruce McLean

A small selection from Bruce McLean's King for a Day and 999 other pieces incorporating "The Piece a Minute Show" and "The World's Fastest Piece in the World" piece-work thing (1970).

423 Hallo young lovers in the Tate tea room piece.
424 Hallo hallo hallo Mr. McLean's 5 little sculptors sing for you, (piece).

439 Drapery work (for interior installations).
440 Mixed multimedia piece.

442 Big still-life work.
443 Larger than life, still-life work.
444 The biggest larger, still-life, than life, still-life in the world (piece).
445 The smallest still-life in London (work).

461 Heh there you with the art in your eyes piece.
462 She makes art when she walks piece/work/thing.
463 Piece within a piece, piece.
464 Piece without a piece, piece.
465 The artist as your friendly bore, piece.
466 Concealed art as hidden as art, piece.
467 Installation for interiors of soft furniture piece/thing/work.

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