Eric Lebofsky

One of my favorite teachers, Eric Lebofsky, is having a show this Friday at Western Exhibitions dedicated to his latest project, a series of drawings of "Superfreaks", superheroes "whose powers are derived from character flaws and/or transgressive behaviors, distinguishable from their civilian counterparts only by ornate costumery and/or literal embodiment of their issues" (in the words of the press release). If you're not in Chicago, check out his Superfreak daily drawing blog.
Also at Western Exhibitions on Friday: some good-lookin' paintings by Melissa Oresky.

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  1. Back in my day art used to be where you could paint anything in front of your eyes just like a camera could take a picture but better. Nowadays it seems everybody trying to paint the devil behind they eyes instead. What's wrong with y'all? Too much tv or something?