Child's Chair
Designer: Ray Eames
Maker: Charles Eames

"The complex moulding of the plywood child's chair of 1945 was a triumph of modern machine mass production and was hailed as such. However, such was the fear of anything to do with hand crafts or folk work in products which graced the interiors of the brave new world of 'functionalism' and machine aesthetics, that the cut-out heart motif that humanized the object while serving as a hand-hole was attacked as sentimental and 'absurdly romantic' by Arthur Drexler, the influential US design critic."
- Humanizing Modernism: The Crafts, 'Functioning Decoration' and the Eameses, Pat Kirkham (1998)

The Eameses emphasized William Lethaby's "good, honest building" through unpretentious use of decoration, truth to material and their joy in hand work and labour.

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