Bless cancelled its participation because of inacceptable working conditions.
The shop was planned to be located in a specially constructed
glasscube ( 2,5 x 2,5 m ).
Only 5 days before the opening, the curators informed Bless

that they decided not to build the cube because of financial
problems. The alternatively offered spaces were entirely
unconvenient for the developed shop concept. It was planned
to cover the windows completely with products, so, while visiting the cube, the visitor would be totally surrounded by them.
A view inside the cube would have been only possible, if a visitor on the inside would have asked to try on one of the products.

good ideas as ideas
Following the original idea of the not happened Bless shop 4, the entire window of the space was covered with products.
Also there was a big printed banner with the real dimensions of the parallel installed wall, covered as well with Bless products, at Raw Management in Berlin.


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