apparently as of next month the oasis cafe is moving out of weird food court back to their original location in the back of the jewelry mall. this means you'll no longer be able to enjoy your falafel and the world's most beautiful mural (photo by carson) at the same time. i just thought i should let the world know.
facts about weird food court:

  • they're always playing my favorite chicago radio station over the speakers (it might be WLIT or LOVE FM or something). today they played "believe" by cher and "soak up the sun" by sheryl crow and it really improved an otherwise shitty day.
  • there are a bunch of (mostly abstract) paintings by SAIC students/alumni/something hanging on the walls
  • what is up with the weird lighting?
  • according to james yood, it's in the earliest louis sullivan building in chicago(!)


  1. oh no i need to take advantage of this before the move
    have you seen the new roisin murphy video? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjv4Fp7GiGk

  2. i have now
    okay but doesn't it blow your mind a little that that's the earliest louis sullivan building in chicago

  3. Yeah and wasn't Carson Praire Scott a Louis Sullivan too? And that's turning into a Whole Foods.

  4. having grown up in and around chicago i have to admit i'm a little curious why it blows your mind?

  5. yep, carson pirie scott is a really famous louis sullivan. that's why the saic offices there are called the sullivan center. they're really putting a whole foods there?
    adam - i just think it's funny that i've been going to this weird trashy place for a year and a half without realizing it's in an "important building"

  6. i guess part of why it surprises me is just that, being from austin, i'm not used to that kind of recycling of buildings or whatever

  7. I guess taking trips downtown on fieldtrips as a kid and seeing a lot of the buildings being used commercially for somewhat random things always seemed like the best way to use them. i know when i visit place like philadelphia where everything is marked with a plaque and tours non-stop it felt strange to me, better for something to actually live/happen there then be framed or put in a plastic box, so to speak. but i can see why some would rather them seem more official.