hypersigil (i desire to lead a glamorous and successful life / i desire to play more video games / i desire to stop letting people mispronounce my name / i desire to set real life goals and achieve them / i desire to become less socially inept / i desire to get paid to use the internet / i desire to become psychic / i desire to become a tetris master / i desire to get a date / i desire to read more fantasy novels / i desire to improve my posture). don't you just love that disgustingly unwieldy title?

thanks to aylor for making me get interested in these textedit pieces again. i like to think of my way of working (or thinking, because i do that more than i work) as a bunch of small, (seemingly) unrelated ideas slowly being absorbed into one larger thing. i was having difficulty trying to relate this textedit stuff to everything else until i started thinking about it again just recently.

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  1. of course this would suck as a weaving, wouldn't it